As a former Track and Field sprinter I use elements of Core Stability, Plyometrics and Bodyweight Training. In my own own personal life I am a keen runner and love getting creative combining a mix of animal flow, kettlebells and calisthenics.  I have been consuming a 100% plant based diet for the past three years as I believe in balance between body and mind .

My goal is to create  sustainable long term changes through movement following  a holistic approach to improve my own & my clients well being and overall lifestyle.  My Ethos is to approach each person as an individual as we all have different needs & goals. 




My  training programmes can be of an intense nature, with a focus on consistency, however Im very adept at understanding the needs of each client. I adapt every session so that clients are constantly challenged both physically and mentally regardless of  their level or ability. I am always looking to help clients to learn new skills by utilising suspension training, elements of animal flow and mobility. 

I love to take clients out of their comfort zone and train outdoors to add an extra element to your sessions.   

Due to present circumstances I am offering outdoor sessions in De Beauvoir Town, Haggerston park,  Shoreditch Park & Stonebridge Gardens or a location convenient for you.

Working out of  London’s elite & luxury private Personal Training Studios in Waterloo & Oxford Circus. I have the freedom to work with you in an environment where you are able to feel relaxed & focused on your training.  For clients N1/ E2 postcodes I have access to a  studio  for Personal  Trainers.

With vast life experience and over 2 successful years in the fitness Industry I would love to hear from you . If you are ready to push yourself to new limits and create long term sustainable changes get in contact with me.




Training packages in blocks of 10

Group/ Partner Training: Share the cost of your training

Outdoor Park Training

Online Training Packages available


Taster session: Half price


"I started training with Marc just over 18 months ago. I’d been meaning to find a way of permanently changing my fitness habits as I was prone to sporadically diet and exercise by myself and give up after a couple of months only to gain weight and once more return to being demotivated to exercise. I’m a woman in my late 50’s who, after having been slim with an athletic build in my 30s, had slipped into a post menopausal frump and I wanted to do something about it before it got too late and going up another dress size. Marc has helped me to the fittest I’ve ever been, 2 stone (12.5kg) lighter, and two dress sizes smaller. It’s not always easy, but he keeps me motivated. I love the fact that his teaching methods are not repetitive and that he recognises where his clients’ strengths lie and thereby favours certain training methods for those clients to keep them motivated and to attain goals. He also supports his clients with advice and workouts between sessions or when they are away, so there is absolutely no excuse to not get moving." 


"Since starting training sessions with Marc, my overall strength and fitness have improved dramatically. Beyond being a positive and supportive motivator, Marc is truly passionate about health and fitness and is more than to share his expert knowledge and answer any questions I come up with. After 6 months Marc continues to mix up the training and find fun and interesting exercises so I never have a dull workout. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”


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