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 As a former Track and Field sprinter I use elements of Core Stability, Plyometrics and Bodyweight Training. In my own own personal life I am a keen runner and love getting creative combining a mix of animal flow, kettlebells and calisthenics.  I have been consuming a 100% plant based diet for the past three years as I believe in balance between body and mind .

My goal is to create  sustainable long term changes through movement following  a holistic approach to improve my own & my clients well being and overall lifestyle.  My Ethos is to approach each person as an individual as we all have different needs & goals. 




My  training programmes can be of an intense nature, with a focus on consistency, however Im very adept at understanding the needs of each client. I adapt every session so that clients are constantly challenged both physically and mentally regardless of  their level or ability. I am always looking to help clients to learn new skills by utilising suspension training, elements of animal flow and mobility. 

I love to take clients out of their comfort zone and train outdoors to add an extra element to your sessions.   

Due to present circumstances I am offering outdoor sessions in De Beauvoir Town, Haggerston park,  Shoreditch Park & Stonebridge Gardens or a location convenient for you.

Working out of  London’s elite & luxury private Personal Training Studios in Waterloo & Oxford Circus. I have the freedom to work with you in an environment where you are able to feel relaxed & focused on your training.  For clients N1/ E2 postcodes I have access to a  studio  for Personal  Trainers.

With vast life experience and over 2 successful years in the fitness Industry I would love to hear from you . If you are ready to push yourself to new limits and create long term sustainable changes get in contact with me.




Training packages in blocks of 10

Group/ Partner Training: Share the cost of your training

Outdoor Park Training

Online Training Packages available


Taster session: Half price

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